March first hits and wham….

I realise I have not posted in a month!

Oops, been busy… really busy. I guess my ‘other self’ took over my crafty/blogging one.

In order to keep up my inspiration levels, I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest…It is the best tool for getting together image inspiration…have I said that before?…it is so good, I am sure it can be said twice.

With that in mind I thought to keep up with blogging I would do a post each week of a few things I have found on Pinterest that I have found inspiring…so here is my first collection of Pinspiration…



Top Left – Embroidered Images by Jose Romussi. I love the way the images are so interesting, the colourful stitching is a striking contrast with the black and white photographs.

Top Right – Stitched Pear, continuing my love of all things handmade, and embroidered is this gorgeous pin cushion, it is by a very talented lady, Jill O’leary at Fiberlucious, she has an Etsy shop here.

Bottom Left – Plaster Flower Votives from Gabrielle at Designmom. I have never worked with Plaster, but I love the effect of these. They are simply gorgeous, Gabrielle has given a fantastic tutorial on the whole process of making these beautiful votives.

Bottom Right – Cute Bear from Nooshka on Etsy. I love cute little handmade creatures like this, I would love to make some of my own. I found this one inspiring because of the combination of materials. Unfortunately, Nooshka no longer sells these on Etsy, but it is still a very pretty bear.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my favourite recent pins. You can follow my boards on Pinterest Here

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