Closet to Craft Room Make Over

In the last year, I have had a lot of ideas about what I could do, what I can do and what I would like to do… Although I have a huge amount of vision I can lack a certain amount of focus and drive.

Until I found a planner that helped me focus on my dream, and clearly set goals. This is really important if you want to achieve anything. Also looking back on the previous year and reflecting on what went wrong and right.

Here are my top 3 issues from last year. 1. Time – I’m not talking about those minutes we all have in between other tasks, but actual hours strung together; I need these hours in order to achieve something.

2. – Focus – This is something I lack, I get so inspired by everything I see, that I never focus on one thing. Always moving on to the next before I have finished the first.

3. A work Space –  A place to store my tools and beads and fabrics. A comfortable place to sit and work and plan and dream.

This year time is sorted, life has shifted slightly and it means I have hours alone to plan and create.

Focus – Writing down my goals and making a plan, reflecting on my achievements regularly are all going to help keep me on track.

A workspace – My first goal was to create a space where I could be creative, keep everything tidy and accessible and work comfortably. Something that has previously been seriously lacking. There was no space for this type of area. I am sure this is a problem for a lot of people that you just don’t have the space for an office, workroom or craft area…well read on dear people here is my guide to creating a workspace in a cupboard for under £50.


This is what I started with a closet absolutely stuffed with clothes, boxes, bags and paperwork…


This is how it now looks with the doors closed. I have to move the bedside table because one of the doors would not open fully as you can see in the first picture.



So here it is with both doors open, as you can see there is plenty of space now the bedside table has moved into the cupboard space.


The wallpaper is just samples from a local DIY store, cut into squares and pasted onto the wall. The Desk is a piece of furniture board cut to fit the space for around £19. The battens holding it up are just spare pieces of wood we had in the shed.  The paint is stuff we had left over from painting another room. Most of the major work cost very little and the boxes for storage are ones I’ve had for ages, the majority of my time was spent in getting the cupboard clear and clean.


As you can see I have made a wonderful working craft space. I have an iPod dock as I love listening to music whilst I work. Plenty of space for all my tools, pens and sketchbooks. I love the under shelf basket, it is a great way to make use of the space without having to add another shelf. The magazine/book holder is actually a recipe stand that I screwed to the wall. The tool rail is just a normal kitchen utensil rail with s hooks.  The office stationary organisers were a set I got for a whopping £2.49, my plan is to possibly spray paint them a nice blue or pink to compliment the colour scheme?

I hope you enjoyed reading about this little makeover. Keep checking back for updates on what I am up to. Next Goal is to design and make bigger and better bridal jewellery and accessories. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think, what goals have you set yourself and how are you achieving them?




Wedding Garters and Pricing Crafts

I have a new Garter available in my shop. I have enjoyed making this one as it is quite striking. I will not be making this exact design again, but I like working out patterns with beads so I think I may try it again.




What do you think? I have given a price of £15 to cover materials and my time, I just never know how to price my items. I think I may need to get looking into how to price my work better.

I have looked around at similar items, and some seem to be very low priced. my instinct is that people putting a low value on their work are making other crafters and artists look like they are being overly expensive. It really is hard to look beyond the immediate cost of the materials. So much time and effort often goes into a handmade item that just isn’t appreciated by just looking at it. For example the beads and facets on this garter are sewn with an invisible knot, so if a thread ever did happen to break you would only lose a couple of beads at the most. I have bought items in the past that once a thread has broken a whole section of beads has disappeared.

So here are some points I’ve noted about pricing

  • Know your own worth – Know what you do better than the competition and tell your customers
  • Keep accurate records of what you spend on materials
  • Keep accurate records of your time spent making your items – How much would you be paid for your time in this role if working freelance or for a company?
  • How much profit do you want to make
  • Account for overheads – Those little extras all add up. You may not need to buy a new sewing machine every year, but you may need to pay for maintenance, add in the cost of that etsy listing etc
  • What is the average price of similar items
  • Get opinions from other sellers – The Etsy forums are great for this and they will usually be honest and have loads of great advice to share.

I am sure there must be so many more things to consider but these feel like a good starting point.


Designing ‘Custom’ Garters…

Designing Garters - DiamondGirl

This is a huge step for me, one that I feel I’ve made very early on in my business career. Maybe this is what sets me apart? Honestly though… I haven’t really thought too deeply about it…I just wanted to see if I could do it. There is nothing like setting yourself a challenge with no idea of the outcome…so anyway I have jumped in with both feet.

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I’ve been so busy recently, as Christmas draws ever nearer I’ve been spending time with family and friends and planning fundraising events for our daughters school. I haven’t had much time to focus on writing my blog or dare I say it?… No time to design or make any more items for my shop, eek!
It’s funny how you can start something with an abundance of enthusiasm but find those little bits of real life take away more and more time.

creativity…losing the fear

I often do my best ‘thinking’ when I’m doing something that requires very little thought…sweeping the floors, or relaxing when taking a hot shower. It is those few minutes of time alone, where I can let my mind drift from the mundane everydayness to daydream and ponder. This is when I find my natural creativity flows, however there is something that often stops me in my tracks…fear…