Easy Weekend Style

I have not posted in a while as I have been extra busy getting things ready for Christmas. Which I will post about soon.  But to give you more of an insight into me and my taste here is my idea for an easy weekend style before the dressing up of the festive season begins…enjoy

Easy Weekend


Coffee Table Book no.2…

Pia Jane Bijkerk’s gorgeous book My Heart Wanders is my Friday coffee table book this week.
 It is ‘A Celebration of taking risks, letting go and making a home wherever you are’. It is full of stunning styling and photography, and beautiful and inspiring narrative. I find it is a book to dip into as most coffee table books are but this is one I come back to more than any other at the moment…

I feel I can relate to her and the experiences she has had, in some small way resonate within my own heart. Pia writes of her heart wandering…”I am more than inspired, I am overwhelmed with desire to be back in Europe. I felt so at home there – a feeling I had forgotten until I walked those time layered avenues. In Paris, I felt like the whole city welcomed me with open arms, and my passion, drive and desires were free to just be.”
My own trip to Paris this year filled my heart with desire and longing, it is such a wonderful city, I love how it inspires and lifts your spirit and fills your soul. I love travelling and especially love cities, I must visit Barcelona again soon it’s been too long since my boots walked las ramblas…well that will be a post for another time.
Enjoy your weekend,
I’m off to enjoy the sparkle and magic that is… Disney on Ice!

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I’ve been so busy recently, as Christmas draws ever nearer I’ve been spending time with family and friends and planning fundraising events for our daughters school. I haven’t had much time to focus on writing my blog or dare I say it?… No time to design or make any more items for my shop, eek!
It’s funny how you can start something with an abundance of enthusiasm but find those little bits of real life take away more and more time.